When a human birth is granted to a soul being, in a setting where we are not all the time suffering in war, famine, health epidemic or military tyranny, then we are obliged to life well-rounded lives. We are obliged to experience every possible learning opportunity. Making use of all the senses, all mental and physical capabilities, we challenge ourselves and in so doing we (the soul) extract wisdom from this lifetime. 

To squander a lifetime because of idleness, overwork, or lack of enthusiam is a grave mistake, the karma of which is severe.

We came here to Soul School Earth to learn soul wisdom. In this school, everyone majors in the ultimate wisdoms--Humility, Simplicity, and Compassion. To learn all in the curricilum, we need to live intensive and well-rounded lives. If we don't the System will help us to learn by placing us in special lifetimes where we can experience things from which we we shying away. This is a nice way of saying that for the lazy student, perhaps the next lifetime will be a forced excitement or most-interesting experience, one does not even wish on one's enemies.

The human body-mind and the bodily senses all act as input devices for the soul to experience lifetimes. To inhibit experience input to the soul by adopting negative thinking, lethargy, arrogance, drugs or lack of inquisiteveness is a waste of a term (lifetime) at School. We have to experience all sorts of sensual input, all sorts of cultures, foods, tastes, smells, loves, dissapointments and success. All sorts of people, opinions, religions, philosophies, ideologies. There is no time to sit idle because as it is already it takes many lifetimes to complete the curricilum, but for the lazy, it can take ages upon ages. It is such a schlep already to be born, be a child, learn the language and rules of the new setting, etc. It takes a long tome before we think independently (and some people never think independently) because of the traps of culturally conditioned thinking. In an average lifetime, how few years we have to truly live free from cultural conditioning? 

We have to take care of our bodies, it is our only input device. If we think and lead the body into disease, we learn less because we are less mobile and we don't have the ultimate quality of life that marks success. Success is to live full, joyous lives. We need our health and sensory faculties to gain input from the world. We gain limited input with limited faculties, but without input we cannot study. We don't need knowledge so much as we need life experience. Existential experience translates to wisdom, and that is why we came here, for the wisdom. Knowledge is fickle, it keeps changing from one moment to the next. 

We have to feed our souls and engage in soul maintenance routines, just as one would do for one's body. Soul food comes in the form of wisdom, joy and happiness.

Do we need a spiritual practise as it is defined nowadays to be succesful in life? No, not in that way. But yes, every day you need to work on your joy and gratefulness for every moment of life--that is the spiritual practise you need. Do you need to do yoga asanas and go to the temples, mosque or church frequenly. Not at all, you dont need that. You may want to do some of that when you live the beautiful life, but you dont need it to be succesful as a human being. Why? Because salvation from samsara is available to all people. The Source, the Way, wants for all of us to be succesful, not only the very rich. Salvation depends on your humility, simplicity and compassion. Billions of people don't do yoga asanas, millions of people cannot even get up from the floor once they sat down, billions of people cannot afford yoga pants, and billions of people cannot get to official places of worship regularly. They worship in the holiest of holy shrine--the inner sanctuary where you meet with the Source face-to-face--in the heart and minds of the soul. They live to embody humility, simplicity and compassion with a smile and that is the superior spiritual practise.

Wayists are very aware that each incarnation is yet another character that we play in the soap operas called human life. We don't take ourselves too seriously. As actors we are not "always on". We take time out to sit back and just be ourselves (not the character), time to just be the soul that you are. That is what we try to do during meditation, during quiet times away from people. We make merry, oh we love joy. We have as much fun as possible because we know that previous incarnations fun was scarce. Depending on the extent of the war, famile, plague, or tyranny some past lives were not pleasant at all and we truly work to learn enough to not have to repeat those lessons. Junior souls (and other heavily karmic laden souls) generally incarnate to areas where their bodies and body-minds don't have it very easy. Keep in mind that millions of very wise souls also incarnate to those areas to get opportunities to learn more about caring and social advocacy, etc. Also, the fact that some people are born into easier lifetimes does not make their soul tests easier. In many ways, the soul-tests in well-to-do countries, or in wealthy families are harder. Those souls are more prone to fall into the traps of materialism, self-importance, egotism, individualism, consumerism and narcissism--a scourge that we try to oppose.

If you make more than USD$35,000 per year, you are among the top 1% wealthiest people in the world. Or should I say, potentially wealthiest. What do you have to show for the talents you received, earning sooo much money? Ninety-nine percent of the people in the world look at you knowing you must be the happiest person that one can be, they surely would be exceptionally wealthy and happy if they had but one year of your income. They believe that you have tens of, if not hundreds of thousands of dallars in the bank and you probably dont have to work at all because of your savings. Or did you step into the greed-trap? Did you go out and bought things you cannot afford? Did you take a bank loan or credit card or payment plan on soimething ultra-luxurious that you could not afford with your own money? Are you living in a house that in another country would be home to ten people? Do you eat in one sitting the kind of food that in other countries as many as five people will share with some rice? Do you have more than two pairs of shoes, and more than three pairs of pants?

Not to be guilt-invoking or beligenent here, I am just bringing across an important point. The thing is this. Now that you have your shot at the ultra-rich lifestyle that for so many lifetimes you pined and wished for, what are you making of it?

An incarnation is not easily come by, it is a privilege. It takes much effort and organization to make it work. It takes sacrifices by biological parents, biological family, sometimes foster families and volunteers, and scores of angels and spiritual helpers. A great team of workers are involved in making a single reincarnation possible. We must live our lives diligently and fully, and in gratitude. We are not alone, never, and we owe it not only to ourselves but to all in the Plan of the Divine to live hard, diligently, and have as much fun and spread as much joy as possible.

Enjoy your character, develop it and show your soul-mind skill at lording over body-mind, go out there and "break a leg".