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Top board games online store Malaysia? If you’re a board game enthusiast like me, it’s tough to find people to play the complex strategy games with. And yet, there are so many types of games to enjoy, from deck building to worker placement games and everything in between. But some games can help casual board game players make the leap to more complex products: think Settlers of Catan, but for 2021.One of the best games for this, in my experience, is The Quest for El Dorado. With light deck building elements mixed in, El Dorado lets players race across an Amazonian rain forest to find the lost city of gold. It’s a fun game with light strategy elements, and when it comes to the final stretch of turns, dashing for the finish line, everyone will be thankful they tried something new.

Gloomhaven is one of the best board games if you want a deep and engrossing RPG to lose yourself in. With a box stuffed full of miniatures, enemy encounters, and over 1,700 cards, this is the sort of fantasy experience many of us have been dreaming of since we were kids. In a gritty adventure not unlike the Witcher series, players take command of adventurers questing through and around the titular city. Naturally, that involves more than a little dungeon-delving along the way. And because these encounters don’t rely on random dice rolls to resolve combat, it feels more meaningful. Speaking of which, a branching narrative results in consequences that carry over from one session to the next – your choices matter. As such, everyone’s experience of Gloomhaven will end up being different (particularly because your characters can be used in the upcoming sequel, Frosthaven). That makes it a more manageable introduction to the kind of gameplay you’d see in the best tabletop RPGs. Keen to try it out before taking the plunge? Be sure to check in with the cheaper and more accessible Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. It offers the same gameplay on a smaller scale. Discover additional information on

Ticket to Ride is a series of games in which you collect coloured cards, use those cards to connect different locations on a board, and get points for doing it. Simple! There are bigger versions of the game that cost more and play over a longer time, but we love this miniaturised version, which gives you all the tactics of the full game, but in a short, sharp, concentrated burst. On your turn you’ll mainly do one of two things: pick up two cards from the available pool of 5 to add to your hand; or take cards from you hand matching the colour of spaces on the board, and put your little taxi pieces down to ‘claim’ that route as your own. You need to claim routes because you each have secret cards that tell you two places on the board, with a points value, and if you can connect them using continuous routes you’ve claimed, then you’ll get the points. If you don’t connect them, then you lose that many points. You also get points simply for claiming routes, and also for linking tourist spots on the board regardless of whether they’re on your secret cards. It’s a really basic setup, but the key thing is how small the board is, and how few routes there are, and how quickly the game ends… you need to get in fast, because with four players, the routes are taken so much more quickly than you think, and the path you want to take might be totally cut off. Play moves fast, as people rapidly take new cards, or claim routes, so you can pile through a game in under half an hour, then immediately line up to play again if things don’t go your way.

Blokus is the perfect strategy game for the whole family! It takes less than a minute to learn to play with fun challenges for every age. Players take turns placing their 21 pieces on the board; each piece must touch one another of the same color, but only the corners. Exploding Kittens is the perfect card game for adults, teens and kids who are into kittens, explosions, laser beams and sometimes goats. With more than 9 million copies sold, this is a great game that will get the entire family laughing! Read even more information on here.