Jason Argall or the ascent of a tech influencer

The upsurge of a business influencer : Jason Argall? Jason Argall is an entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing and expansion in global markets. He has built brands in the health supplements category such as PhiNaturals and Shrüm. He currently serves on the board of Radial Research Co (RAD on the CSE). With his track record and experience, he has the know-how and experience to build global brands with a strong market presence in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, India, Latin America, and Brazil.

Jason Argall has also co-founded various e-commerce software companies such as Zoompages, the performance marketing landing page builder, and Chatvertiser, the first SMS/chat conversational marketing software of its kind. Jason started digital marketing in the late 90’s on Yahoo search, before Google Adwords existed. He has been involved in founding and scaling numerous successful digital brands.

Jason Argall is a founding member of ScaleMyBrand. These days, everyone is attached to their phone and checks it every few minutes for new notifications. That’s one reason that 98% of text messages get read, while commercial emails and telemarketing phone calls are mostly ignored. We’ve developer a custom software to do outbound messaging sequences and live chat with your customers, allowing you to reach them with the right offer at the right time.

Jason Argall about personal brand creation : Choose platforms that are appropriate to your line of business. LinkedIn and Twitter are the best ones to get started with, but having a Facebook business page and Instagram may also important. Instagram is actually a great platform if your work can be represented in a visual way. Best of all, social media is free, until you get into paid advertising, but first things first – that’s not necessary right away. Content curation is a way to encourage interest in your brand on social media. You can’t just be selling all the time because people will just switch off. Choose a few influential and/or entertaining sites that you like (hopefully related to your niche) and choose some of their posts to rebroadcast to your audience. Mention influencers in your posts, and reach out to them for link-backs and cross-posts. Connect with your audience and they will keep coming back for more.

Jason Argall on business brand building : Look at a brand like Disney. Since its focus is children, the brand must put trust above all else. From characters like Mickey Mouse to its theme parks, Disney is very protective to ensure its brand is consistently portrayed, and its integrity preserved. It’s so determined to maintain consistency and trust that Disney launched a completely different brand, Touchstone Pictures, for films targeted to adults. When customers experience your brand repeatedly in the same way, your brand sticks in their minds. When it’s time for them to make a purchase decision related to your industry or offerings, they remember your brand, increasing the likelihood of a sale.