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Romaine lettuce nutrition facts is load with vitamins, with one of its biggest strengths being vitamin K. This vitamin is closely tied to the blood’s ability to clot, but also the activation of a protein that contributes to bone health. Romaine lettuce nutrition facts also an excellent source of vitamin A, which is actually a family of nutrients that helps with vision. The immune and inflammatory systems and cell growth.

Just make sure you choose a safe variety for bunnies to eat, such as romaine, and never give iceberg lettuce to your furry friend. And just like green leaf lettuce, it’s also safe to give to your precious bunny in small amounts. Iceberg lettuce is high in water and quite low in nutritional value, so it doesn’t offer many health benefits for your furry friend. The high water content can lead to diarrhea if your pet consumes too much.

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All values are normalized relative to the abundance of the actin gene. QRT-PCR analysis were performed in three biological and technical replicates per experiment. The bars represent mean ± SD from triplicate biological repeats. This is a great winter dinner because even though it’s a salad the roasted veggies give it warmth.


Leaf lettuce matures quickly and is the easiest to grow. Sakamoto, K.; Kogi, M.; Yanagisawa, T. Effects of salinity and nutrients in seawater on hydroponic culture of red leaf lettuce. Our study revealed the complexity of the lettuce response to mild salinity and supports the notion that certain combinations of pre-harvest factors provide specific results. Notably, the effects of the genotypic factor and its interactions were large even in two relatively similar varieties that belong to the same horticultural group. Please remember that the above gives an accurate value in 100g for high potassium foods in your diet.

Sometimes lettuce, especially romaine, is recalled. These outbreaks are likely due to runoff from nearby animal farms that contaminates lettuce. Extracts of multiple lettuce types have also been shown to promote sleep. Until further research is conducted, it’s unknown if lettuce in its natural form can produce a similar effect. Using pecans as a nut butter in the dressing and salt-roasted on top lends an earthy note to this bright spring salad.

With tightly bunched 12 to 16-inch leaves and a 6-inch-wide head, you’ll be able to feef Caesar’s army with this variety. However it is officially classified, it is like a cross between a butterhead lettuce and a romaine. ‘Little Gem’ has soft outer leaves and a tight, dense heart. Easy to grow and “EZ” to serve, this green variety was introduced by Burpee in 2008. It matures in 65 days, with 8- to 10-inch densely-packed leaves.

They are more or less the same in terms of calories and nutrition levels but vary in micronutrients. Iceberg lettuce is 95 % water and 5 % nutrition. Romaine Lettuce, on the other hand, contains higher percentages of nutrition, especially Vitamin K, A, and Folate, making it a more desirable variety of this veggie. Green and red lettuce leaves are a very delicate kind that and only be dressed just before serving. Of course, you can chop up brilliant magenta radicchio or its longer, leaner cousin, Treviso, to put in salads, but speckled radicchio is a real beauty.

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At this stage, the lettuce develops a bitter flavor that can be somewhat remedied by refrigerating them for at least a day after harvest. When lettuce bolts, its stalk grows to twice the height of the plant, or 12 inches or more, and produces flowers that, if left to their own devices, eventually produce seeds. The natural bitterness in lettuce increases substantially during this stage.

The vitamin C, in particular, has many benefits for the rabbit including boosting the immune system and keeping the joints and bones healthy. “Does this mean that red leaf lettuce could be 100% green color and still meet the requirement of U.S. ” As long as there is some red color on the leaves of the lettuce it is considered as being red leaf lettuce.

Its leaves are thick and large but are easily removed from its head. A favorite to use as baby greens, ‘Red Sails’ is ready to harvest after just 2 or 3 weeks and grows to a full head in just over 6 weeks. Very heat tolerant, the soft buttery leaves will grow well into warm weather without getting bitter.

Consistently moist soil makes for fast growing, happy lettuce. And successive plantings keep a supply of young, tender leaves at your fingertips throughout the season. If the lettuce plants growing in water get roots and they get leaves , why won’t they we get enough useful leaves? Lettuce plants growing in water don’t get enough nutrients to make a whole head of lettuce, again since water has no nutrients. The journal Clinical Nutrition published a study in 2004 about rats being fed a diet of red leaf lettuce for a period of three weeks.


A sweet or not very smelly head suggests a sweet flavor or simply a very mild lettuce flavor. While the quiche bakes, in the pan used to cook the broccolini, combine the honey, remaining shallot, half the verjus and 2 tablespoons of water; season with salt and pepper. Once boiling, cook, stirring occasionally, 1 to 2 minutes, or until the shallot is softened and fragrant. Transfer to a heatproof bowl and set aside to cool for at least 10 minutes.

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Watercress has a bright, peppery flavor prized for salads and gently “wilted” preparations. It grows wild in streams in Northern America and Europe but is easily cultivated with the right irrigation. Much cultivated “watercress” is actually garden cress, which has slightly less bite and crunch than its watercress cousin. Pollination occurs by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural mechanisms. Because there are no restrictions on the flow of pollen between individuals, open-pollinated plants are more genetically diverse. However, as long as pollen is not shared between different varieties within the same species, then the seed produced will remain true-to-type year after year.

In this work, we aimed to understand whether the phytochemical responses to chemical eustress in baby lettuce vary according to different salts. For the food Lettuce, red leaf, raw the typical serving size is 1 cup shredded which contains 52.36 mg of Potassium. The percentages are shown below in the potassium chart, for the typical serving of potassium and the related and important nutritional values. Over time, the amount of sap in lettuce has diminished, so there’s no need to worry about that Caesar salad putting you to sleep. If you do notice a little white liquid coming out of the base of your cut or broken romaine lettuce, while it may taste a bit bitter, it’s completely safe to consume.

Have you ever noticed what the flowers look like when your lettuce goes to seed? They might remind you of ornamental asters – and for good reason, as these plants are members of the Asteraceae or aster family. In stock – allow 3-5 business days for order processing prior to shipment. In recent years, however, there have been many instances of lettuce getting contaminated by E.

Lettuce leaves are indispensable to a great salad! These green leaves are known for their crunchy, refreshing taste and are one of the most widely used veggies. The origin of leaf Lettuce dates back to thousands of years when it was first cultivated during the Egyptian civilization. It was highly popularized during the 16th and 18th Centuries and was widely used for its Culinary and medicinal properties. However, there is a misconception that these leaves have zero nutrition, but the truth is quite the opposite! Check out this article to learn the many Lettuce Leaves Benefits to your skin, hair and health.

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These lettuces have different tastes, textures, and nutritional values, and they also mature at different rates. It’s this time of year, when spring is around the corner and it starts to warm up in Utah, that I really long for fresh, colorful veggies from my own garden. This week while I was doing my grocery shopping I was especially missing all that home grown fresh produce. My spirits were lifted a bit when I saw the colorful red leaf lettuce in the produce section. Salads were on the menu this week and the vibrant red and green leaves made a great addition to my shopping cart. Lettuce subjected to high temperatures, particularly at night, may bolt, or go to seed, and leaf lettuce is more prone to bolting, or going to seed, than other types.

OR – Use Brussels sprouts which is particularly good shredded in salads or as a cooked vegetable. OR – Use Napa cabbage which has a more mild flavor. Red cabbage if the pigment color is not an issue for your recipe. Cabbage have significantly more Vitamins C than spinach. Spinach have significantly more Vitamins A, E, K than cabbage. Cabbage are a good source of Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus.

Rich in folate, leaf lettuce is nutritionally dense and great for pregnant women. Finally, lettuce is high in iron which is essential for blood health. Lettuce is a mild-flavored, leaf vegetable commonly used in salads and sandwiches. how long for cbd oil to take effect is very similar to the green leaf variety in its tender texture, but the tops of the leaves have a reddish-purple hue. I live in Zone 7a, but in a strange spot where we have cold wet springs, and then very little rain in the summer. In April I planted it in my front garden , and in my back garden .

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The vitamin A in lettuce is in the form of provitamin A carotenoid, which the body converts into retinol to offer the benefits. Folate deficiency may also lead to some forms of anemia . Folate also helps fight megaloblastic anemia, which is another type of anemia where the blood cells are very large and underdeveloped . Romaine lettuce can also aid the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency anemia . The vitamin A in lettuce may promote skin cell turnover. The vitamin C it contains may protect the skin from UV radiation.

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Lettuce may be referred to as garden lettuce and is believed to originate from Asia Minor and the Middle East. Red leaf lettuce can be added to a main dish salad made with other fresh greens and sliced chicken breast. Red and green leaf lettuces are essentially the same from a nutritional standpoint and in many other ways.

Frequent harvesting helps keep leaf lettuce productive for a longer period. Direct seed or transplant in early spring, as soon as you can work the soil. To get an early start, prepare beds the previous fall by working in manure or compost and raking smooth to leave a fine seedbed. Seeds need light to germinate; sow at a very shallow depth by covering with a thin layer of growing medium.

If possible, water in the morning so plants have a chance to dry off during the course of the day. A hungry squirrel had a field day in this unprotected bed of lettuce, nibbling on and digging up many of the small plants. Photo by Allison Sidhu.If you notice leaves starting to look scorched at the tips, how long does it take for cbd oil to work for joint pain plants may be affected by tip burn. Rabbits, squirrels, and deer also love to munch on young lettuce leaves. Fences or row covers are your best line of defense against these more obvious offenders. Direct sow another batch of seeds in the garden in a sunny location as soon as the soil is workable.

You can also construct a cage covered in a screen and place it over an entire plant to isolate it from others. This assures the pollen of one flower won’t be passed onto another variety to create a hybrid seed. If plants are situated more than 25 feet apart, you don’t need to worry about cross-pollination occurring.

Lettuce is known for its excellent nutritional profile. From fighting inflammatory diseases to improving skin and hair health, lettuce may improve health in different ways. It is a great food for scorching summers with its high water content. However, excess consumption of this green veggie may have some adverse reactions.

Vitamin K plays a vital role in blood clotting, as well as bone and heart health. This article lists 20 foods that are exceptionally high in vitamin K. Iceberg lettuce is the crunchy, pale vegetable you’ll often find added to your fast-food burger or salad when you eat out. Red leaf lettuce boasts a number of antioxidants, which protect your body from damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals. Having too many free radicals in your body may increase your likelihood of certain diseases . Cut off and discard the bottom inch of the broccolini stalks; roughly chop the broccolini.

Moreover, chlorogenic acid, which had higher antioxidant activities than vitamins C and E (Rice-Evans et al., 1997), was also increased by blue light (Awada et al., 2001). Plant development and physiology are strongly influenced by the light spectrum, which affects the seedling morphology pattern . For example, blue light suppresses hypocotyl elongation and induces cotyledon expansion, and red light induces hypocotyl elongation and cotyledon expansion in Arabidopsis seedlings. Blue light is involved in a wide range of plant processes such as phototropism, photomorphogenesis, stomatal opening, and photosynthesis .

With its sweet, mild flavor, fresh colors, and lush ruffled appearance, lettuce is a customer favorite. Display classic green heads interspersed with blushed and red heads for a truly striking market presentation. Customers have also discovered the convenience and refined look of baby lettuce seed mixes. Use one of our pre-mixed blends, or blend your own, striving for diversity of color, texture, and leaf shape. Direct sow the mixed seed, and harvest at 3-4 tall; cut above the plant’s crown so leaves will regrow for a second cutting.

I easily get 6 pickings off my lettuce before it starts to bolt. Beautiful color makes this lettuce beautiful in salads and on sandwiches. We cut the whole plant leaving about 2″ instead of just the outer leaves. Keep in mind that lettuce grows best in cool weather. Plan to grow salad greens during the spring and again in the fall if you live in a region with hot summers. While you can extend the life of each lettuce plant by harvesting in this manner, another way to be sure to have lettuce as long as possible is to embrace succession planting.

“Cut” these small leaves about 3 inches above the ground and then allowed them time to regrow. This regrowth is the “Come Again” portion of the growing phase. Cut and Come Again Lettuce Varities The main advantage of growing leaf lettuces verses head lettuce is that leaf lettuce varieties offer a longer harvest time. To harvest individual leaves, use scissors to cut off the outer leaves near the base of the plant.

I would change the germination percentage to germination time AND add the average number of days until harvest. Still – this is a great seller and I definitely would recommend purchasing from here. Intense, deep rosy red, ruffled leaves have green-tinted backs. Slow to bolt and exhibits great disease resistance. Shows exceptional ornamental value – adds stunning color and texture to flower beds.

Native to the Mediterranean, arugula is widely available in countries all around the world. Best of all, it’s another lettuce variety that you can safely give to your rabbit in moderation. As a result, you should never share iceberg lettuce with your beautiful bunny. Mix the lettuce in a salad with fruit and nuts, or use as a base for colorful wraps.

A head of romaine lettuce is more oblong than the round shape typical of iceberg. If you’ve had Caesar salad you’ve almost certainly had romaine lettuce.”Why does the C.D.C. Yes – Red leaf lettuce is one of the safest leafy greens to feed your rabbit. It contains low oxalate and calcium concentrations meaning its low risk in terms of gastrointestinal discomfort (i.e. gas) and bladder issues respectively.

Since Iceberg lettuce has such a firm head, this makes it ideal in gardens where pests are an issue. This is because insects won’t get very far through the hard, dense leaves. When it’ time to harvest kratom for opioid withdrawal the lettuce head, all you’ll need to do is remove the outer, damaged layers. Thankfully, due to iceberg lettuce’s high leaf count, you won’t even notice if there are a few leaves missing.

Take a garden scissor or a new knife and cut the leaves slowly, so that the plants might not get damaged. If the roots get injured, then you will not be eligible to plant lettuce again. When you see that the lettuce has grown fully, then harvest the lettuce heads.

I personally love Gala apples for their crisp sweet taste but Honeycrisp, Fuji, Pink Lady, Piñata, Jazz, Envy, and Empire are all great for adding to salads. So this apple and walnut salad is definition of easy! Made with sweet crisp apples that are tossed with crunchy walnuts and salty feta. I went with Gala apples for their mild and sweet flavor. Beta carotene is a pigment found in plants and is an antioxidant.