How are HelloWorld Hostels in Kota different from local PG in Kota?

How are HelloWorld Hostels in Kota different from local PG in Kota? When a careless and negligent student sees his partner or his neighbor competing for the position, he also tries to follow his example. Hostel life tends to develop a healthy competition and mutual co-operation among hostellers. Hostel life with its so many advantages has some drawbacks also. Students coming for the first time to hostel, find an entirely new atmosphere. The freedom of the hostel at times leads them astray. Their parents are not there to check them. This may lead them into evil ways. They begin to smoke, gamble and at times even to drink. A daily visit to some cinema becomes a routine. Some students spend money lavishly and even borrow money from their friends.

Besides, staying in a hostel with a bar may be a great way of having a night out with reasonably priced drinks. On the other hand in a hotel bar, you would end up paying much more. One of the expenses you can’t simply exclude from your budget is food. Hostels enable you to save a rather large sum of money by allowing you to use a communal kitchen. This way you are not entitled to eat out every night and you can cook yourself a healthy, well-balanced option rather than opting for fast food.

A variety of rooms: There are so many possibilities when it comes to the type of room you can choose. You may ask for a single or double room or for a room for three, four, six or eight guests. There are different rooms for different people with different budgets. Cultural diversity: Hostels are full of international students. This is the main reason you will have the chance to learn foreign languages and improve your French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian or German.

Hostels in Kota or PGs are rental accommodations that offer living services based on your requirements. From AC rooms to homes inclusive of food/ amenities and parking spaces. And Kota has many PGs and hostels as the student population is always looking for affordable stays in the city. Life of a student living at a hostel in Kota is very eventful. With placing focus on IIT/ JEE coaching during the day, student-residents can spend their time off at the hostel lounge or use other facilities in the premises. And since most living quarters provide food and housekeeping services, there’s no additional work. See a few more details at

What can students can see in Kota? The Mathuradheesh Temple in Kota belongs to Pushti Marg, a Vaishnava sect founded by Shri Vallabhacharyaji. The idol of Krishna housed here was brought from the Karnaval village (near Mathura) and placed in the haveli of Dewan Dwarka Das. It now forms a major attraction for devotees of Lord Krishna. The festivals of Janmashtami, Nand Mahotsav, Annakoota and Holi are celebrated with great enthusiasm here. Gaipar Nath is a lovely big chasm with an old Shiva temple set in a deep gorge with a spectacular view of the ruggedly beautiful forests and cliffs of the Chambal valley. The pleasant sound of gushing water from the Gaiparnath waterfall near the temple, set against a picturesque canvas of a green landscape make it an idyllic and beautiful spot to visit.