Commercial plumbing company in Geelong, Australia

Plumbing company in Geelong, Victoria? Have you ever cut all thread rod and found you couldn’t get a nut on the rod after the cut has been made? If you’re tired of having this happen to you, here’s a solution. Run a nut onto the rod before cutting it and then, once you’re done, just unscrew the nut and it’ll automatically rethread the cut end.

A ventilated crawl space is often a problem in the winter. Seal off crawl space vents with thick cardboard and duct tape. This will protect any pipes that run through the crawl space. In addition, seal the access to the crawl space to prevent cold air from entering the space. If you have a basement instead of a crawl space, inspect the windows to ensure they are not letting cold air in.

The Geelong Plumbing team knows that plumbing systems aren’t easy. Unlike other home repairs, its tougher to fix a hot water system or toilet drainage on your own, especially without the right equipment. We have years of experience fixing plumbing systems and are prepared to be able to get you out of any problem, big or small. We offer a variety of services, including general plumbing services and specific technical services. Our general services include leak detection, pipe maintenance, and repairs. Our specialized services include gas fitting and gas appliance installation, roofing and gutter clearing, carbon monoxide testing, septic tank cleaning, hydronic heating systems, and underground pipe and leak location, among other specialized services. We recommend getting in touch with us directly if you have a doubt about whether we can help you. Find even more info on Commercial Plumbing in Geelong, Victoria.

Don’t pour grease down the drain: After cooking a sizzling pan of bacon, the worst thing you could do to your pipes is to pour that grease down the drain. Why? Because the fat from the grease will coat the pipes and build up over time, which will eventually cause a huge clog—potentially both at home and in city-owned pipes.

Our team offers both underground plumbing services and ‘over-ground’ plumbing services, or plumbing services for your roof, gutter and blocked drains. As water-flow experts and plumbing expert technicians, we are trained to be able to do any job, whether the pipe is feet underground or feet above your roof. Our roofing plumbers will make sure water is following the right path down your roof and that gutters and drains are clear of debris to ensure proper drainage. Our team can also install and repair rainwaer tanks. An outdoor clogged drain or gutter can be as risky as an indoor one, and we’re set to prevent any floods or future damage to your home or garden. Discover extra details on