Clap-Serv or the climb of a community service platform app

The climb of a community service free marketplace app : Clap-Serv? Find the service provider at best price: Now pay what your pocket allows, Clap-Serv design is as such which allows you to find the best proposals at best price. Some people can’t afford a high paid services, so what they can’t be left alone, let’s start small. Pay for what you think, you can afford and seek providers who will.

What is that we are doing here? We are here to provide you the land of opportunities by creating a world class community of service providers, consumers and prosumers. Our mission is to re-define the way services are procured today. More customization will be possible. The price place…etc will be decided by us and most importantly, we ourselves can take part in designing our services as we like.

Clap-Serv is committed to help these talented yet left alone service providers and freelancers getting deals from customers without any commissions or ssubscriptions. Just imaging a regular service need of yours and when you contact your service provider and explains your problem. Did you ever feel that just by talking, you can’t explain. You have to call the guy at your house, he looks at it and then he quotes you. It really become difficult at times calling people at Home showing your problems and then deciding upon your terms of business with them. Read additional details at community service platform.

Believe it or not but with the help of Clap-Serv, you can do endless customization of your service requirement. How?? Use videos, images and attachment for the customization of your service requirement. These are the tools you can use at your fingertips to communicate your service requirement better. Unlock the potential of this app in finding the right service provider for you. Your search for any of your unique service requirement ends here. Now post your unique service request and customize it with the help of images, video and document.

Can I hire teachers here? Yes, you can. There are three categories of teachers, Tutor at home, Virtual training and coaching centers. Go ahead and give your requirement and specification. Look at the quotations submitted and fix one of them as per your need. What if I want to cancel after booking? You can do that and come back to others who submitted their quotes to you. Pick one and go for it.

In the context of product/service generation and distribution network, the emergence of Clap-Serv will enable bidirectional information flow between individual consumers and communities around the world. It can transform traditional consumers into economically motivated prosumers, who not just consume services but also generate one. Clap-Serv is one such platform which will help manage the businesses carried out within the community. See more details at Clap-Serv.