BPO services

Back office outsourcing specialists? Proposal and Contractual Formalities: Once we have completely understood the business processes you wish to outsource we would submit a detailed outsourcing proposal with pricing. Once signed, we’ll immediately begin identifying the ideal staff for your team in India. We do not charge any advance payment unlike many of our competitors and you can exit the contract by providing just a 1-month notice.

We are an experienced offshore data entry company with well-trained data entry experts, guaranteeing over 99% data accuracy and exceptional speed. With the help of our data entry team in India, you can outsource this repetitive and labor intensive process and enjoy over 50% cost savings and no expenditure on overheads. By outsourcing you also free up your management from overseeing non-core business processes. Our data security protocols are in tune with ISO 27001 and ensure that your data and process is secure at all times.

Sometimes it’s just not cost-effective to expand operations internally. This can apply to equipment or your location. Example: If the growth of your business has resulted in an increased need for office space, outsource some simple operations such as telemarketing or data entry to reduce the need for space. It might cost far less than expanding your base in a pricey location if that’s even possible, and it would be more efficient and less expensive than relocating.

The process of gathering, collating and analyzing data from a range of sources with an aim to generate useful information for business goals and business intelligence is what Data Mining is all about. The data discovery could be pertaining to sales, clients & potential clients, market & industry trends, competitors, vendors etc. and can be sourced from multiple channels such as websites (B2B & B2C), published reports & presentations, news articles, blogs & forums, social media and even offline via phone calls, emails etc. Read extra information at Back office support services.

The global eCommerce industry continues to gain on traditional brick and mortar retail with the entry of numerous startups in the space and expansion by global giants like Amazon. Even brick and mortar retail companies are increasing sales via online platforms driven driven by strong consumer demand. The exponential growth in eCommerce means that many ecommerce businesses find it difficult to manage increased inventory, product listings, product data, logistics, order processing and deliver superior customer service especially during high demand periods. This problem is more so for startups who need to focus on product development and sales and cannot devote enough management attention to non-core tasks like product data management, listings, order processing, logistics and customer service.

Scale Up or Down with Ease: Easily scale the size and composition of your remote team to suit your immediate business requirement. Increase in Productivity: With an offshore team in India you are able to operate your business around the clock. Our offices never close and are open 24/7. Access to Top Talent: Building a remote team in India means you have more access to talent that was not available back home, usually at a fraction of the cost. Reduced Risks & Legal Liability: Outsource your staffing requirements to reduce your liability and risks associated with hiring in-house employees. See more information at https://indiarep.co/.